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If you are planning your new build and looking for a reliable new build electrician, Glow Electrical offers quality workmanship and a full range of new build electrical services across the Kapiti Coast and the wider Wellington region.

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Get your new build right with an expert new build electrician

You might expect electrical plans to be fairly standard, but that is often not the case. Your input in the design is vital to having a home that suits your needs. From power points to feature lighting, there are plenty of elements to get right, and the wiring and switchboard must also be suitable to carry the required load. 

An experienced Master Electrician, Alex will work with you, your architect, and your builder to complete the electrical plans for your new home, ensuring that all your requirements are met in a practical way.

Add style, comfort, and convenience to your new home

Power points & switches – Switches and power points are thought of as utilitarian items, but you can make them a style feature in your new home. Glow Electrical stocks a range of high-quality fittings for you to choose from. Other speciality power points to consider include USB outlets for your devices and recessed power outlets for your tv to hide those unsightly cords.

LED lighting – Full house LED lighting comes with several advantages including longer life span of bulbs and significant energy savings that are good for you and the environment. LED lights are low profile and have low heat output allowing full insulation cover over light fittings to keep in the heat in winter.

Heating & ventilation – Comfort is key in your new home and underfloor heating in areas like kitchens and bathrooms is a great option. Climate control in New Zealand homes is a concern, and including a passive ventilation system can keep your house healthy and happy.

Communication & technology – Whether you have plans for a home office or a home theatre, having appropriate power and wiring for your requirements will give you the best results. You might consider items such as data outlets, and extra wiring and power for audio-visual entertainment purposes.

Automated lighting – Sensor activated lighting offers safety and convenience, inside and outside of your home. Glow Electrical can install automated sensor lights for pantries, night lighting in bathrooms and hallways, and outside lights for the house and garage. 

Security – You may want to consider security options additional to outside lighting, such as an intercom system, whole house alarm system, and an automated gate for the driveway.

Future proof your new home and plan ahead for future fun

When designing the electrical plan for a new build you often think of your current lifestyle needs, but what about plans for the future? An essential consideration is provisional wiring for your future requirements. It is more convenient and cost-effective for electrical contractors to lay conduits and extra wires while all parts of your home are easily accessible. 

Popular items for provisional wiring include:

  • electric vehicle chargers
  • water features
  • garden lighting
  • spas and pools
  • tool sheds